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Bad digital experiences are costing brands and retailers revenue as nearly all, 95%, of consumers in the U.S. and U.K. will jump off an e-commerce or brand site if they are having a frustrating time.

That's the prime finding of a Decibel consumer survey that polled 1,000 consumers.

The survey found there is single culprit that causes consumers to abandon a website: ads blocking the view of content (36%), followed by slow page load times (31%) and slow load times for images and content (30%), according to a press release.

The top challenge for brands, when it comes to poor digital experiences, is that consumers don't provide feedback, as just 8% will share the info with the brand or retailers.

Other findings include:

  • Even if a consumer loves a brand, 60% will go elsewhere if they can get the same or similar product at another vendor with a better website.
  • Top three qualities most important in defining a positive experience: pages load quickly (44%), images and content load quickly (36%) and links and pages are easy to find (34%).
  • 30% of consumers don't associate a frustrating digital experience with a single industry; retail is the top industry that consumers associate with a frustrating digital experience, however the data suggests no industry is immune from alienating their customers with their websites, apps and other online touchpoints.