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Nearly three-quarters, 71%, of U.S. consumers that shopped online in the past 12 months have never used any virtual try-on features or any other AR online tech during the shopping experience.

Yet 33% of Americans, those between the ages of 35-54, have used such technology, according to a survey from Zakeke. The report, "Consumer Shopping and Personalization," was conduced with third-party research firm YouGov and polled shoppers on what they are shopping for, how often they use virtual "try-on" technology, and the ways in which they want a more personalized shopping experience online, according to a press release.

"We know more people are turning to online shopping — it's convenient, there are endless options and with the right technology, consumers can have a nearly identical experience to shopping at a physical location, so it's surprising to see that most consumers aren't using these tools," Angelo Coletta, CEO of Zakeke, said in the release. "One respondent noted that if they are going to buy something online, they'll go into the physical store to try it on/interact with it, then go home to purchase the product online. This should be a red flag to retailers that something needs to change. To drive sales, increase repeat visits and build a loyal customer base, retailers need to invest in the right kind of technology that's easy to use, both for the retailer and for the consumer."

Additional findings include:

  • 41% of Americans want a personalized shopping experience.
  • When looking into the products for which consumers want a personalized experience, apparel (30%), shoes (30%), home goods (25%) and furniture (19%) lead the pack.
  • One in three (36%) Americans want to see other products they might like based on items they've viewed.
  • One in three (32%) Americans want the option to customize their purchase.
  • One in three (29%) Americans want to view other items often purchased with the product they are currently viewing.