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The quality of customer experience took a dip in the past year, with 19% of brands experiencing a decline, according to a Forrester Research study on CX.

The report polled over 96,000 U.S. consumers and their perceptions of 221 companies and federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. The report scores CX on a scale of zero to 100 on queries such as a consumer's likelihood to shop again at brand and the ease of interacting with a brand.

The average CX score is 71.3%, down from 72.0 in 2021, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Brands rated "good" dipped from 25% to 22% and scores of "poor" and "OK" increased.

The 19% of brands that experienced a CX rating decline is the highest to drop in one year since the report first launched in 2016.

Contributing factors, according to Pete Jacques, Forrest principal analyst and report co-author, includes staffing shortages and supply chain glitches. In addition consumer patience and its increasing lack is also playing a role in CX scores.

"There probably is also an element of, 'We've all been suffering through this through the past few years; we're now tired of having to wait a long time to get a call answered or a problem resolved'," Jacques told WSJ.