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There are a lot of reasons to get excited for Sunday’s Super Bowl: the fashion, the promise of spotting Taylor Swift or a bare-chested Jason Kelce, and oh yeah, the actual football game. But as fanatics of all things retail, we’re zeroing in on the snacks—particularly, the ads food and bev brands will air during the big game. We’ve rounded up some notable spots that have already debuted ahead of the championship, including a few first-timers.

After a tough year for Bud Light, the beer brand debuted a lighthearted ad featuring a genie granting beer drinkers’ wishes. With the ad, VP Todd Allen told CNN, Bud Light aimed to “get back to the humor the brand has been known for.” Beer brands Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, and Budweiser have also debuted ads ahead of the game.

Oreo brought in Kris Jenner to star in its first Super Bowl ad in a decade, using the phrase “Twist on it” (what side of the cookie the cream is on when it’s twisted, like the flip of a coin) to make major decisions throughout history.

Actor Chris Pratt grew a mustache for his Pringles Super Bowl ad, in which he stars as a convenience-store clerk who evolves into the chip brand’s mascot, Mr. P.

Saturday Night Live alum Kate McKinnon stars alongside cat actor Chipmunk (who can meow the word “mayo”) in a Hellmann’s ad spot, which also features a cameo from another SNL alum, Pete Davidson.

Hershey’s first commercial since 2020, narrated by actor Will Arnett, highlights Reese’s new Caramel Big Cup.

First down: Several brands are debuting their first-ever ad spots during the game. In addition to an ad supporting its Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon flavor, featuring actors Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez, the first Super Bowl ad spot for PepsiCo’s new lemon-lime soda, Starry, features hip-hop artist Ice Spice.

Swiss chocolate maker Lindt’s first ad during the big game, “Life is a Ball,” features the song “Round and Round” by Perry Como, released in 1957.

The first Super Bowl ad for Drumstick features comedian Eric André as a traveler on a flight who experiences stomach pain, which the brand’s mascot, Dr. Umstick, attempts to fix with, of course, Drumsticks.